Tearing down the Medium paywall

I love writing, I love technology and I love writing about technology. That is why I started using Medium, I believe it is still one of the best ways to get your story heard and read.

I put a lot of thought and expertise in my articles, I mostly focus on getting the accompanied Github repository functional, because I believe code proves the idea. This is also the reason why there’s such a gap between articles, it takes a lot of time and effort getting the example to work.

After a while, I thought I could make some money via the Medium Partner Program, so I started publishing some of my articles with a paywall, for Medium members.

This has been a year.

I now have a month-by-month payout from Medium for about $ 20 USD on average, after USD to EUR conversion, there’s just not much left once it reaches my bank account.

Considering the thought and work that goes into writing these articles, it just doesn’t feel justified to have such a meagre payout. It also hinders my primary objective for writing these articles: reach. Especially for the audience I’m targeting.

That’s why I’ve decided to remove the wall

You will find that all of my previous articles have now been re-published without a paywall. And all of my future articles will not include a paywall, anymore, ever.