Installing .NET 5 RC 1 on Pop! OS (or any other Ubuntu 20.04-based OS)

Whilst preparing Prise for .Net 5, I found myself testing lots of platforms in order to guarantee support (Pop OS, Windows 10, macOS) and had to install the latest release candidate on Pop! OS.

Since Pop! is based on Ubuntu, it had to figure out how the download URL is constructed from the original installer script:

Long story shot, paste the following commands in your terminal…

Download the binaries

This downloads the .Net 5 RC1 DEB package to your Downloads folder:


This will create a net5rc1 directory in your Downloads folder and extract the tar to…

Install all .NET 5 packages

This command will install all deb packages from the extraction folder


Type the dotnet command to confirm installation

🎉 Success! 🎉

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